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Hi!  Thanks for stopping by!  I'm Cyndi Reed and a
Direct Response Copywriter and Marketing Strategist                   -- both on and off the internet.

I can communicate your company’s unique qualities in a clear and compelling manner.  Ultimately, guiding your customer to take the actions you want to promote.  

As a lifetime entrepreneur and Master Gardener, I am very passionate about your horticulture business, especially growing and selling plants. 

I'll immerse myself in the special aspects of your business and of your customers.  This results in sizzling copy for you.

Whether you are selling to consumers or businesses, I speak your customer's language.  Unlike others who merely give you words, I go deep and get results.  

I understand who your customers are, their hopes, their dreams and their challenges.  I AM your customer as a gardener and as a business owner.  In addition, I'll learn everything else I can about them.  This gives you a distinct advantage in reaching your ideal customers.  Then, keeps them coming back and buying more.

~  Infuse your Copy with Passion

I'm not talking about hype. Your best customers are the ones that respond to authentic excitement and passion. These are the people you want to grab.

We'll get their attention with headlines that are fresh and intriguing. They'll stay interested with valuable and relevant information that fuels their passion.  

~  Ignite your Prospect’s Desire

With a deeper understanding of your ideal customers, we'll reach them more effectively.  Compelling, customer-focused copy will keep them reading. 

We'll convert prospects into customers without the feeling that they're being sold. Yet, all copy will be moving them toward the actions you want them to take.

~  Inspire your Customer’s Loyalty  

What you’re really selling is not product or services.  What you're selling is dreams.  The garden industry is especially poised to making dreams come alive.  

Helping people achieve their dreams will gain you their loyalty. Being memorable and giving them a special experience will bring them back again and again.  

~  Increase your Bottom Line!

Loyal customers will be your greatest asset,
causing your business to thrive,
helping YOUR dreams come true!
Exceed your Marketing Goals
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