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Immersed in Relevant & Persuasive Content 
The Copywriter
Over the years I have written a lot of business and marketing materials.  This means that as a knowledgeable and experienced business and marketing professional, I'll deliver the right message for your business. I can help you stay ahead of the evolving challenges of keeping your message prominent in the marketplace.

With an entrepreneur's instincts and a business owner's common sense, I can offer fresh perspective on your business.  These qualities and superior training give me a solid foundation to writing persuasively and effectively.

I've been taught by the most successful copywriters today and can offer top quality results.  I have learned from Master Copywriters Bob Bly, Nick Usborne, Clayton Makepeace, Mark Ford (penned Michael Masterson) and Steve Slaunwhite.  

This means that you will benefit from the results of decades of knowledge and specific copywriting techniques they have been using successfully to generate millions of dollars.   This also helps me to understand marketing from a long copywriting perspective and how to apply innovative ideas to your niche.

Copywriters who have been trained by American Writers and Artists are well sought after.  Many companies will only hire AWAI copywriters as their training is valued as the best and most comprehensive available.  

When I learned the persuasive skills of a copywriter,it fit perfectly with the skills and experience I already had. It has given me a new viewpoint that sparks creative ways to market and make an impact in a noisy world.  

~Freelance Copywriter
           ~Master Gardener
                   ~Lifetime Entrepreneur
                          ~Internet Marketing Strategist
Award Winning Chicago Garden

Cyndi designed and created her
 first perennial garden featured on this page.
It won awards from:
Chicago Mayor's Landscape Awards (3X)
Chicago Tribune Glorious Garden Award
Chicagoland Garden Magazine Award 

~ Cyndi 

        Reed ~
AWAI's Circle of Success
American Writer's & Artists
Professional Writers' Alliance
Garden Writer's Association
AmericanHort Member

MBA Marketing, Chicago
Master Gardener, Chicago
BS Psychology, Michigan

Allegan Parks Commissioner
City Design Advisory Board​

             So, enough about me already! 
This really IS all about you and what I can do for you, your company and your customers.  I want to make your job easier while building your sales and revenues.
Give me a call so we can discuss your needs.
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   More About Cyndi​       
Why Me?
Why should you hire me? It really IS all about passion. I can write sizzling copy because of who I am. I put passion behind your message and every word on the page. 

What this means for you is I can help your company dramatically increase the results you want. I can do this for both website and print pieces through relevant and persuasive content. 

Understanding your industry and your customers allows me to bring depth and detail to your project.  In addition, I have been fortunate to learn from A-level Master Copywriters. I know what it takes to make a piece work and I can use this knowledge to make your message powerful.

I do love everything horticultural and anything about gardening. But I also
have interests and experience in other areas.  My wide range of expertise crosses many disciplines such as entrepreneurship, small business, historic home restoration, parks & public spaces, interior design, artists & artisans and more.  Thus I can provide great copywriting for other industries.

I offer the following detail so that you may get to know me. Feel free to read through or just focus on the information you want. I like to build a business relationship with my clients that is based on mutual respect and trust.

If you had to choose one thing to do this year to take your business to a higher level, it should be to work with me. Let me help you do that through compelling copy that can exceed your expectations and ensure that your business prospers.

     Little Entrepreneurs. . .

Here I am in my Brownie uniform with my friend Jennifer. We had a dream and were tenacious. We tried everything from lemon aide to variations of things we made... 
...and the cars kept zipping by!
The Gardener
I have always been a gardener. My dad was a farmer in Michigan and the apple didn't fall far from that tree! I grew up tending vegetable gardens, but it was the perennials that got my real appreciation. I love the textures, the colors, to watch the beautiful flowers unfold and the landscape evolve through the seasons.  

This is where my intimate knowledge and passion for creating an ever-changing garden comes through. And, it will make quality sales for you.

I nurtured my first perennial garden under the "El” (Chicago’s Elevated Transit Trains.) That garden is featured on this page. It even got the attention of Chicago’s Mayor Daley!  We were invited to spend time with him in his downtown office. That was an incredible experience! 

I became a Master Gardener while in Chicago. I had the opportunity to work at Garfield Park Conservatory and the Chicagoland Flower & Garden Show. Also, in a collaboration with the Chicago Botanic Gardens and the Chicago Master Gardeners, I gave many diverse teaching lectures at the Chicago Public Libraries.

Today my husband and best friend, Mike, and I live in Southwest Michigan. We have a Historic Queen Anne Victorian home built in 1872. We are restoring her back to grandeur, mostly by ourselves, inside and out. She sits on a 2/3 acre lot that we cover with more gardens every year.  

The photos on this page are from our Chicago "Under the El" Garden.
 Our Michigan Gardens are featured on all the other pages of the site.
The Entrepreneur
As an entrepreneur, I have experienced what it's like to be the business owner, CEO, manager & marketer, just to list a few. I know what it's like to be in a family business, a startup and as a solopreneur. I know how challenging, rewarding, frustrating and isolating it can be to lead through the many phases of business.  

Often it seems there just isn't enough time in the day. But armed with the copy writing knowledge and skills I have, I can help you cut through the noise by producing compelling copy that generates revenue.

You'll have the advantage to work with someone who understands business. I'll make your job much easier. I get how your business works and how your customers feel. Most important, we'll gain your customer's loyalty by giving them what they need to be persuaded to buy, again and again.  

Having worn all the hats of the entrepreneur, I can create the words that reflect how unique you are in the marketplace. ​Whether you're selling to another business or directly to consumers, we'll uncover your best assets. Then, I'll create the right messages that will resonate with your ideal customer. 

My first entrepreneurial endeavor shown on the left wasn’t too successful. See the classic Mustang in the background? It was going about sixty miles an hour. That’s when I when I began my lifetime education in entrepreneurship! 

Since then I have had many entrepreneurial endeavors, from selling products and services to coaching and small business consulting. About twenty years ago I started a little company in Chicago. We helped people solve personal financial problems. I added another service no one in the country was providing. Now it’s a thriving industry and we are still helping those struggling with student loans.